Bike backpack

Thanks to the even weight distribution and practical design more and more cyclists choose this way to carry load on their bikes.

The cycling specific backpacks are designed for a specific type of usage and it shows in every detail of them, however they can be very useful for everyday use also. The water resistant (often fully waterproof) material, the waist and chest straps, the well-ventilated back panel, the elastic cord, mobile phone holder, zipped inner and outer pockets, the rain cover and all the reflective panels are there for our comfort and our safety. 

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· Before you choose a cycling specific backpack always consider what is it designed for (commuting, MTB, etc…) and also what size backpack you need.

· Always be sure the shoulder, waist and chest straps are adjusted properly! If the shoulderstarps are too long the weight will be pushing your lower back, if the straps are too short your backpack will be pushing against your helmet. The waist and chest straps need to be tight but not overtightened.

· Always keep priority when you’re loading your backpack. Use the smaller zipped pockets to store the essential multitool, set of tyre levers, spare tube, your keys and a small amount of cash. In the larger pockets you can store your mini pump, rain jacket, clothing and some food of course.

· Always take a plastic bag with you in case your backpack isn’t waterproof or it doesn’t have a raincover.