Essential accessories

For shorter rides and training spins a compact sized saddle bag is perfect. Always be sure you pack the following tools and spare parts:

·         spare inner tube

·         set of tyre levers (they could make life really easy in case you need to fix a puncture)

·         multitool

·         chain breaker and quick-link that’s compatible with your chain

·         mini pump


The modern mini pumps can either be fitted on the frame or can be carried easily in a jersey's back pocket.  


GE03010202         WP009102       GE030008





·         If we don’t have enough storage capacity, the spare tube can be taped to the seat post easily with a piece of insulating tape

·         A few pieces of cable ties can do miracle, a lot of problems can be solved by them. Always take a few pieces!

·         Always take 2-3 tyre levers. You are going to need them if the tyre is too tight  on the rim.