How to change your tyre and tube

Getting a puncture can certainly ruin your bike ride. This is why it’s important to be prepared, so you can handle the situation with confidence.

1. Take the wheel off the bike.

2. Let the remaining air out of the tube.

3. Take one side of the tyre off the rim with a set of tyre levers.

4. Pull the punctured tube out of the tyre, then pull the valve out of the rim and finally remove the tube completely.

5. Take the other side of the tyre off the rim also with the set of tyre levers.

6. Check and be sure the rim tape is fitted correctly and it is in place. If it isn’t, be sure to insert it in between the edges of the rim.

7. Carefully check the inside of the tyre for the cause of the puncture. If you find the obstacle (thorn, glass) remove it carefully.

8. Place the tyre near the rim and insert one side onto the edge of the rim with the set of tyre levers.

9. Inflate the inner tube using only a small amount of air.

10. Insert the valve underneath the tyre and guide it through the rim.

11. Insert the inner tube into the tyre entirely.

12. Place the other side of the tyre back onto the rim and carefully force it back to place with the set of tyre levers.

13. Inflate the tube to low pressure and be sure the tyre is sitting on the rim correctly.

14. Once it is well seated, inflate the tube to the recommended pressure.

15. Put the wheel back onto the bike.



· Always be very careful when you check the inner surface of the tyre. The obstacle that caused the puncture can often cut your finger.

· When you fit the tyre back on, always start at the opposite side of the valve. This way the last bit will be much easier to fit back on.

·  After you have repaired the puncture and placed the wheel back on, always be sure the quick release is tightened right.