How to choose a bicycle helmet

We have gathered a few very important details that you need to keep in mind when you get a new bicycle helmet. We hope this article will help you choose the right helmet.

 · Protection – Of course this is the most important factor, basically this is why we wear a helmet on the bike. Be sure the helmet meets all international standards. Always look for stickers that mark these standards and be careful if you can’t find them.

· Adjustability – Also an important factor as it adds to our comfort. Besides the option to adjust size, the adjustibility of the starps is also important. The whole process needs to be quick, easy and practical.  

· Fit – Comfort is a must-have during cycling. The helmet needs to fit nice and snug without being too tight or pressing against your head too much. Always measure your head size before you buy a new helmet, this will help you choose the right one.

· Ventillation – It also adds a huge amount of comfort while you are riding a bike. It is absolutely essential on a hot summer day.

· Padding – A good padding system is the icing on the cake. It follows the shape of the helmet and it can be kept nice and clean thanks to the antibacterial materials. Many high end helmets are sold with an extra set of padding, this adds a lot to the value to the helmet.

Don’t forget: every helmet has been designed to take one impact! If you crashed with it don’t use it anymore! There are some structural changes during the impact that makes the helmet unsafe after the crash.  



· For mountain biking choose a model with visor. It gives you protection against the sun and also against damage that can be caused by branches.

· For racing it's worth choosing a light helmet as it adds a lot to your comfort on a long race day.