How to pack for short mountain bike tours?

The first group contains the basic tools. Never leave the house without packing your multitooltyre leversspare tubemini pumpchainbreaker (also a quick link that’s compatible with your chain) and a puncture repair kit. Without these basic tools you can get into trouble up in the mountains.

The second thing is to have all the necessary fluid and food. These are just as important as the tools. Always be sure you take the right amount of water or sports drink in your bottle. Fruits with lots of carbohydrate (banana) and sports bars are also very important.

We can mention the necessary spare clothing in the third group. Always be prepared for the weather, so you don’t get a nasty surprise. Never leave your armwarmers, your legwarmers and a compact waterproof cycling jacket at home during the late autumn and early spring months.

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· Try to pack smart and stay compact. It is best to use small sized, bike specific backpacks as they are easy to pack and comfortable to use. The best choice would be a hydro backpack as the extra amount of fluid can be very useful.

· Do everything you can to ensure that your stuff stays dry in case you get caught in the rain

· A few cable ties can work wonders; always take a few for unexpected emergency situations.

· Never take unnecessary equipment with you, they will be uncomfortable to carry.