Selecting the most suitable tyre

Tyres can be categorized even further within their general groups. One of these categories is the rubber compound used. Soft tyres can provide more traction but will wear out faster. Hard rubber compound tyres usually last longer but they have less traction.

The other important detail is the tread on the tyre. This affects the traction of the wheels and also the speed of the bike. Tyres with deep and knobbly treads have much more rolling resistance, which means they will decrease the speed of your bike.

Also consider the puncture resistance of the tyres. Robust, puncture resistant tyres will make life easier and can minimalize the chance of getting a puncture.

If you choose new tyres for you mountain bike, always be sure to consider the terrain and weather conditions. Tyres with small and shallow thread will roll very fast and they are ideal for hardpacked trails and dry conditions. Tyres with deep tread are the best choice for wet and muddy conditions.



· If you prefer the low weight then choose a foldable model instead of the regular steel wire tyre.

· High volume tyres are better for off-road use because they provide slightly more traction and they are also more comfortable.

· Always choose a tyre with high puncture resistance for your daily commute because the reliability is necessary for everyday use.