Top 5 bike maintenance tips

1. Check your tyre pressure – Getting a puncture is not something that you want along the way. Both too high or too low pressure can cause punctures, so make sure the pressure is right. The recommended pressure depends on the manufacturers guidelines, so follow them and check the tyres regularly. 

2. Check your brakes – Having your brakes in perfect condition is absolutely essential. Make sure that the cables are lubricated (so the brakes work nice and smooth), the pads are aligned and also have enough braking surface left on them. If there’s any contamination (such as oil or dirt) on the pads or the rims be sure to clean them both.Change your pads if the contamination cannot be cleaned or the pads are too worn.  

3. Keep your chain clean and lubricated – If you keep your chain clean it will surely work better and will also last longer. Don’t oil your chain unless it has been cleaned first and also use lubricant recommended to the weather conditions that you ride in.

4. Check your gears – Being able to change gears without any hassle is important. Be sure the gears on your bike work well. If  an adjustment needs to be done make sure you carry it out immediately because rattling gears could cause you frustrating moments.

5. Store your bike the right way – Storing your bike is also an important factor. Choose a dry place and don’t expose it to damp and wet conditions. If you store your bike this way you can reduce the amount of maintenance required.