What to wear during winter cycling?

It is important to wear clothing that is specifically designed for cycling as they are the most practical and the most comfortable to wear on the bike.

On the top we recommend to start with a base layer, it maintains the temperature pretty well. The next layer can be a light long sleeve jersey with thermo fleece lining. This will keep your chest and arms warm. The ideal top layer would be a cycling jacket made of heavier windstopper fabric. This will keep the wind out and ensure that you won’t feel cold too early. Don’t forget to wear a light waterproof jacket as well if necessary!

At the bottom we advise to wear a warm pair of bib tights with thermo fleece lining. They are usually heavy enough to keep you warm. A warm pair of cycling socks (waterproof ones if needed) will be necessary on a cold day.

In terms of accessories don’t forget: a warm pair of gloves, a pair of waterproof overshoes (with thermal liner) and of course a thin but warm skull cap that you can wear underneath your helmet.

If you have all the gear mentioned, all you need is the commitment to head out on a cold winter morning.



· Always wear the right type and the right amount of clothing during winter time. Wearing too little or too much will cause uncomfortable times in the saddle.

· You can use warmer cream or oil on your legs, this will help a lot during the cold days.

· Do not use overshoes while you are out on your mountain bike because they can get damaged very easily wearing them off-road.